Underwater Metal Detectors

Soak up for the underwater treasure hunt

So, are you ready to spend some money and get into the underwater metal detecting? You really have to spend your hard earned money if you are crazy about metal detecting as a hobby.

Underwater hunting is not as simple as beach hunting, where you just take your detector and start wandering. It is much more interesting and exciting if you are a strong metal detector.

Much more than metal detecting

Underwater hunting is an activity that could be performed in three different ways. When you hunt down with a snorkel and a mask for diving inside, in sea or freshwater like river, it is snorkelling metal detecting. The water here is generally 6ft deep and is an easiest form of underwater hunting. Here the detector is not necessarily fully equipped. A basic detector could be used.

Underwater Metal Detecting

If you want to go deep down the sea to say around 20 feet or more, then you need additional equipment that supports scuba diving and this form of hunting is called scuba detecting.

The last form of underwater hunting is the most interesting and vulnerable to finding valuable and century old artefacts. It is termed as shipwreck diving where you go near the old sunken ships and their wreckage to detect the artefacts. It is not just the most interesting, but scary and expensive too. You just go deep and deep into the sea to around 200 feet or more. For this type of hunting, you need enormous amount of experience in detecting as well as scuba diving else it can be dangerous to an extent that it can threaten your life.

Selecting an underwater metal detector

To support such forms of metal detecting down the sea or river, you need certain specific features in the detector. Such water bodies are full of entities that are disturbing and misleading rendering all the efforts useless. So the first feature of metal detectors should be to do away with all the disturbing entities of salt and minerals.

Pulse indicator metal detectors are capable of ignoring all the salt and mineral and are greatly sensitive to other metals concentrating on the main treasures of artefact’s and valuables. But due to its low sensitivity, lot of junk would come on your way made of metals that are not valuable. So keep digging to reach the ultimate resources of valuables.

Another preferred detector is the one with very low frequency that would filter out junk and concentrate only on the precious riches. But since this detector helps you filter down to exactly what you are looking out for, be ready to spend a hefty amount for it. But this investment would be a guaranteed return if used properly backed by detailed research and information.

Find some abandoned treasure underwater

There could not be a better experience than going deep into the water and coming back with some gold or old artefact’s that changes or affects history and facts.

Get yourself ready and jump into the water. Something might be waiting for you.

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