Metal Detectors for Beginner

Start Exploring!

You just think of metal detecting as a hobby and there you are all set for a gift. It makes you a real invader to look for buried and lost collectibles tossing into riches.

If you are looking to develop metal detecting as a hobby, generic approach would be to start finding the best metal detector for beginners. But actually, the approach should be to first research and explore the locations and then match the history of those locations with the type of metal detector. That’s the perfect approach to move forward.

Metal Detectors for Beginners

There are no metal detectors that are specific for beginners or experienced people. It is the amount of time and research that is associated with the usage of a detector that determines the success rate. Of course, not to forget, luck is one of the biggest factors that determines the end result.

Principles governing metal detecting

Every metal detector has certain basic features that influences the kind of materials disclosed. This is entirely on the user, on how he wants to use the instrument and what he wishes to find. It is advisable for beginners to not filter their search criteria’s too much, as that might not lead to desired results. If started from a basic level where they might find a lot of junk, but it at least gives you a feel of the instrument. More time spent with it, more would be the learning and experience.

One thing should always be noted, that before stepping outdoors, the location should be well studied else time would go for a waste. Not every location or place is ideal for metal detecting. For example, places of past histories, crowded beaches could be a few ideal locations that increase the probability of unearthing old artifacts, jewelries or relics.

Selecting a metal detector

There are uncountable metal detectors to choose from. The base factor starts from the monetary value and the review in the market about the detector. The next aspect is the real purpose behind selecting the detector. Based on its application detectors are segregated as gold detectors, coin and relic detectors and underwater detectors. Different companies classify them differently, but broadly it fits into these three categories.

A few leading companies in this sector are Makro, Teknetics, DetectorPro, Garett, Tesoro etc. These companies produce detectors with simple operations like single knob, an LCD screen, depth or distance indicator etc. These features aid in getting beginners accustomed to this activity.

Places to Hunt

Best is to start with your own town and start digging out places before digging out treasure. Places like century old houses or building that are abandoned, battlefields of historic wars, beaches with increased incoming crowd, location with recent floods, cyclones or earthquakes, etc.

Gradually, you may become an expert in suggesting such other locations to others as well. Only old locations are not ideal. Even areas with new upcoming construction projects where there is a requirement for digging up to lay cables and pipes could also be tried for detecting materials. You might not find jewelry, but might find some antiques.

The only way to excel is keep trying and use your experience and research to move forward.

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