Introduction to Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting – A need or a hobby?

The moment we hear metal detector, we either think about securities at airports, stations, malls, offices and other several commercial buildings, or about detectors used to detect bombs and explosives. Can anyone think of it as a hobby that gives access to old and untouched precious items? Vow!

In simple terms, a metal detector looks for items under the ground made of any metal. The detecting power of these instruments in terms of depth and type of metals it can detect depends entirely on the type and accuracy of the detector.

metal detector for beginners

During the inception of metal detectors, they were just a device to detect metal lying an inch down. That was the time of development of the concept that gradually evolved as people learned more and applied the same on these detectors to increase its potential and results obtained.

With this development, many people began metal detecting as a hobby. They started obtaining items like old coins, gold rings and chains and various other objects.

Hobby accompanied by a privilege!

Any ancient artifact used by our ancestors for ages have been given to institutions like museums, historians or archaeologists who could hold them, understand them and preserve them for future generations to see. People go to museums, exhibitions where such ancient artifacts are stored, but not allowed to touch. Is there a possibility of searching such artifacts for a common man, which was till now restricted to authorized people only?

Well certainly, through a prospering hobby of metal detecting. There has been records of people possessing this hobby having discovered ancient coins, artistry etc. themselves just by wandering about in certain places like old beaches, monuments etc. with their detectors.

This Hobby lead to tourist inflation on coastal areas wandering with their magical stick (detector) looking around for lost valuables.

Benefits to history and old beliefs

This is one such hobby, which is interesting and beneficial not just for the individual possessing it, but for clarifying facts and beliefs of pasts.

There have been innumerable instances of discoveries made by hobbyist that have enforced the revision of previous facts and beliefs related to history of our ancestors.

The dimmer side –or the shinier

You many think, since the metal detecting  hobby evolved several years before, there might not be much scope left for other valuables to be found. You think it’s all over? Well, no!

There is another aspect to be realized. Since, its evolution the number of people developing it, and the technology, both have flourished which means, as the technology improves, so does the capability to find more and more of such objects. To demonstrate this, we can consider the technology that has improved to an extent that it allows the instrument to react uniquely for certain pre-selected metal types. This gives hobbyist a flexibility to choose what he wants to discover.

There is a major part of this planet, which is yet unexplored. So the scope has actually broadened.

If you want to become lucky with some ancient interesting articles to be found, then begin to explore.

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