Gold Metal Detectors

Is it same as gold mining?

Gold hunting is a smaller yet absorbing version of gold mining but the approach towards it is far different from other forms of metal detecting. It is more of physical work but can be compelling if you enjoy wandering about searching for gold treasure. For gold hunting too, you need a rigorous research, because larger gold mine areas would be more fruitful as compared to other suggested areas. Also do not expect to get large lumps of gold at once. That would take time. But success would be to first detect any smaller lump too.

Gold hunting with a metal detector

Today’s detectors are expert spotting even minute grains of gold. The deeper you go the more is the efficiency of the device. But if there is accumulated gold under, the detector would not spot it at once. To reach the gathered gold, would require you to keep digging in.

gold metal detectors

The two main features that influence metal hunting are frequency and sensitivity. On higher frequency, the detector filters all other entities and spots only gold and so more will be sensitive to even a minute quantity of gold.

All these metal detectors are now equipped with ground balance feature that automatically neglects interference in the metal detecting process by entities like small iron and other steel particles.

Coil consideration for gold detecting

Unlike other types of metal detecting, gold hunting is shaped even by the type of coil used in it. The concentric coils are used for discriminating different metals without ignoring them. Whereas Widescan coils are used when reducing effects of mineralization when the main focus is to only get through the bigger lumps of gold. This would surely miss out on the smaller nuggets of gold. So if a beginner is out for gold hunting, then it would be preferred to use a concentric coil.

A few suggested gold detectors

  • Fisher Gold Bug 2
  • White’s Goldmaster GMT
  • Minelab Eureka Gold
  • Garrett AT Gold
  • Whites TDI Pro
  • Tesoro Logo SuperTraq

Get to the right location for your gold hunt

A best choice of metal detector in combination with extensive research and knowledge about the current and past history and facts about the location would definitely produce favourable results and you might get back home with a pocket of gold.

Also try to enquire about other hobbyist’s experience on the same location and the results they have found. These things would simplify your process and save some of your time going after explored locations without any signs of gold.

Are you ready to find that gold?

In spite of all these conditions, and criteria, no one could specify one particular type of metal detecting for gold. It entirely depends on the type of location, soil, ground, the choice of hobbyist pertaining to what he wants etc.

Detectors beep based on the amount of gold it detects. It is better to use an earphone while using the detector, as even the lowest beep of the detector could lead you to big nuggets of gold with more digging and prospecting.

Get going!

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