Beach Metal Detectors

Step out for a treat on the shores

A beach could be the most appropriate and pleasing target for metal detecting and yet challenging. So start exploring and get engrossed in one of the most interesting hobby developing throughout the world now.

Find the right beach detector

The challenging part of beach hunting, are the salt waters and hot rocks that are the main interference in this hobby. These salt particles enrich the sand with the minerals that fools the detector to beep unnecessarily detecting useless stuff and rendering the entire experience annoying.

beach metal detector

To overcome this terrible experience, you can select a metal detector that comes with the ground balance feature with lowest frequency that permits the detector to filter the level of mineralization thereby refining your search and rejecting such scrap entities.

A further feature of beach detectors is the pulse indicators. No frequency adjustments, no ground balance required because it just ignores the presence of minerals and focusses on your hidden treasure.

Beach Treasures

Nearly all of the hidden items found on the shore or in the water is some form of jewellery. This is because salt water acts on the skin which tends to contract leading to falling of this jewellery.

There have been stories where the rings and other jewellery have been returned to the owners after years of losing it. But it is not possible to track every item down to its owner. So here is an open opportunity for the hobbyist to find valuables for them.

Selecting a beach for metal detecting

Along with selecting such areas even beaches should be selected based on the regular crowds. Do not expect gold and silver in a beach that’s visited sometime in the year. That’s really a lucky one if you get through.

Then enquire about the low / high tides on your selected beaches along with the current and expected wind conditions. These conditions would drastically impact your search results.

Ideal places to start treasure hunting on the beach

Beaches are huge places for anybody to start a random search. It would turn out to be tiring rather than being interesting. Firstly, to begin with the entry and exit areas are quite prone to such items to be found and are the places where the entire crowd goes through. The next possible area of the beaches would be the activity area where people play throw balls, volleyball along with their audiences’ area. This is the next most occupied and vulnerable area on the beach.

The next best alternative is the towel line where people leave their belongings just before entering the beaches. This is the area with the highest probability. When you are exhausted with these areas, well the last alternative is of course the remaining area. Try your luck using your experience and the beach detector you are carrying with you.

What next?

Well how long will you stand outside on the beach staring at the water? So, yes the next step in metal detecting would be the underwater detecting that is the most challenging but exciting part of this hobby.

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