Beach Metal Detecting Tips

Beach metal detecting

People think that beach hunters are always in lookout of coins and other artefacts. What people are not aware of is that beaches are a very rich source of lost jewelry which these hunters are actually out for. Beach hunting is enjoyable as it involves roaming around on beautiful beaches and can be savored by people of all ages.

Go hunt!

Though it is a hobby it needs a lot of patience and focus. Gradually keep moving the coil over the surface so that you do not miss even the slightest hint of the presence of the target.If you get the junk, do not lose your temper. Keep the junk and throw it away from the beach so that the next time you do not encounter the same junk.

Beach Metal Detecting Tips

Dig out everything!

Though market now gives you the detectors that are able to discriminate metals, but for beginners it is advisable to dig without discrimination. You might get your hand onto some junk and some metals not of your choice which ultimately might turn out to be something useful. So why even leave a chance on something you already got?

Dig more!

A successful hunter digs more than just moving the coil in search of exact coordinates. Rather a combination of coil detection and digging enhances the probability of a successful search. You find a beep; keep digging along with moving the coil in the depths. This would fasten the process instead of waiting outside.

Research the beaches

Everywhere it is mentioned that you need to research and get as much information as possible. The importance does not lie only in the initial stages, but at every step of hunting. There might be certain beaches that have been hunted and re-hunted repeatedly resulting in depletion of treasure over there. But if you dig deep into the past information, there are many such beaches that become rich again after rains, floods or cyclones. Now this you would get to know only when you are reading constantly.

Also the beach conditions are something you need to read about, like the tide conditions, wet and dry sand as the technique and timing differs for dry and wet sand hunting,

When and where

Beach hunting should only be done on those beaches that attracts crowd on a consistent basis. Generally people go on weekends and so that is the time during the week, when maximum crowd assembles there.

Do not rush and try to cover the entire beach in a day wandering everywhere only in expectations of competing with other hunters. This would only waste a lot of time and also energy rendering you tired without any gain. Instead, focus on potential areas, even on the beaches like entry or exit areas, playing areas etc.

Beach detecting permissions

There are committees developed to support metal detecting on beaches as a hobby. Since the committees are developed, so are the rules and regulationsrelated to it. You cannot just get onto the beaches with your detectors. The formal procedures commences with contacting the concerned authorities and seeking their permissions and required permits. We hope you enjoyed our beach metal detecting tips,┬áplease don’t forget to comment and share your own beach detecting secrets.

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