Treasure Hunting For A Living – I'm going to try (Metal Detecting Logs & more!)

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    I am going to clean up this thread soon, just pasting here my basic thoughts!

    My Starter Gear (picture following)

    This Journal here is meant to give me (and you!) a rough idea of whether it is possible to make a living of metal detecting, gold prospecting, meteorite hunting and other forms of treasure hunting. 🙂 I aim to make this the most detailed log you can find online.

    This has been a dream in the making for many years, it’s time to follow my gut and just do it. This is mainly why TreasureClub was born, I wanted to inspire people to follow their dreams and not listen to the nay sayers…

    I will share pictures of all daily finds and be as detailed as I possibly can, I might however not disclose every spot I did hunt (but will always give a rough idea where I went)

    The rough Plan:

    – Log 300 hours of Metal Detecting

    – Log 150 hours Gold Prospecting

    – Log 50 hours Meteorite Hunting

    This will be a slow process since I will not be able to hunt a lot, I will have like a few weeks here and there where I will be able to log a lot of hours, followed by weeks of no hunting, but hey if I manage to average out 1-2 hours a day we will have a nice sample in a year :).

    Once this is done I will calculate my total hourly and see if it will be worth becoming a semi professional treasure hunter going forward, I am hoping for an hourly of $10+ which would be a definite YES for me to add treasure hunting into my “work” routine with like 3-4 hours a day (I definitely don’t want it to feel like a job, at that point it will lose it’s appeal if you must hunt to pay the bills)

    My Costs:

    I will be ignoring them for now but if I am able to log more than $5 an hour over my samples I will know with tweaking and adjusting things accordingly I could make a living with it 🙂

    I am in a fairly good position to try this treasure hunt challenge out on the side since I am a semi-professional poker player and I work online part time on a few projects as well and other shenanigans that make a couple dollars here and there haha, it all adds up.

    All this is more or less sustaining my lifestyle currently but has a lot of variance (many bad months in a row aren’t unusual), it’s not glamorous but I would choose this lifestyle and freedom it allows ANY TIME over being tied up in an office and make a a lot of money and no time to spend it.

    The idea/hope is to make metal detecting part of my income stream to help fund my nomad lifestyle while having fun doing it.

    I would love to travel the world doing the things I like. Example: metal detecting in the morning, then work a bit on my web projects, have a lot of free time during the day and play a couple hours of poker in the evening and have fun at night :).

    I turned my jeep into a small RV to help me safe money on living expenses while out on the road 🙂 I might make a post about it soon about how to set up this very simple sleeping platform.

    sleeping platform for metal detecting

    Gonna Edit this soon!

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